Destiny Age of Triumph Begins March 28th

Destiny Age of Triumph

Bungie took to Twitch earlier today for an hour long stream revealing Destiny’s last event and content update, Age of Triumph. They also officially revealed the date of the update, March 28th. If you missed the live stream, you can catch the replay below:

Things announced and/or showed off during the stream:

  • ALL of the Raids are being updated to current Light (Raids will be Heroic, 390 Light)
  • Updated Vex Mythoclast to current Light
  • New rewards coming from all raids, including King’s Fall & WoTM
  • Featured Raids each week, new challenge modes, and Ornament Rewards
    • Crota’s End will be the first Featured Raid, followed by VoG
  • Every raid will have new ornamental armor
  • Light level isn’t being increased past 400
  • Record Book has pages for Crucible, Trials, Strikes, Raids, Collecting, Classes, Factions, & Seniority
  • Rank 7 in the Record Book will be a promotional code for a Age of Triumph personalized T-shirt (You do NOT need to complete every node in the book for it)
  • Elemental primaries and other sandbox updates will be announced during the third Age of Triumph stream, so two weeks.

Patriot’s Ponderings: I’m really excited for this. It’s going to be so much fun to play through all the old raids again and have them actually be somewhat of a challenge due to enemy level. I’m really interested to see what the Challenge Mode is for Atheon, because they said it was the hardest challenge they’ve done. Also super pumped to dive back into Crota’s End and see what changes they’ve made there, what they’ve added, and hopefully not be able to cheese it any.

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