Destiny Daily 3/16/17: Shrine of Oryx, Clash

Destiny Daily - Rise of Iron

Destiny Daily will be undergoing some changes come March 28th. As Bungie revealed yesterday during their Weekly Rituals livestream, the Daily Heroic is going away as is the Daily Crucible. Going forward it’ll be the Weekly Heroic Story Playlist. So one week it might be Earth and Moon story missions, and you enter the playlist to play a random vanilla story mission that takes place on Earth or the Moon with two modifiers (which is a welcome change, and the two shown in the stream was Specialist and Grounded).

So that’s going to be left is the daily bounties. We’ll see what happens, but our Destiny Weekly will be a lot bigger and I’ll probably rework some of that and make it more what Destiny Daily was in the beginning.

I’m kinda going to miss the Daily Heroic. At this point I don’t reckon it matters, the Heroic was at its best when there were multiple difficulties you choose from and had a modifier, and could give a legendary engram as a post game reward. Destiny is in its final months, so this is fine, but I hope Destiny 2 isn’t so centered on weekly content. There needs to be far more daily reset stuff than just bounties.

And with the update on the 28th, I’ll be retiring the Rise of Iron Destiny Daily banner.

Daily Heroic: Shrine of Oryx (Story)

Ocean of Storms, Moon Search the darkest corners of the Hellmouth for the fabled Shrine and destroy it.

Daily Crucible: Clash (6v6)

The Crucible “No mercy. No hesitation. It’ll take nothing less to defeat the Darkness.” —Lord Shaxx

All-out team warfare. Destroy the enemy.

Vanguard Bounties

Name Description
Sunbreak Challenge Get 30 kills with Solar abilities.
Horseshoes and Hand Grenades Kill 15 enemies with attachable grenades.
Kill It with Fire Get 30 kills with Solar weapons.
Eliksni Hunting Defeat 50 Fallen.
House Breaking Defeat 10 Fallen Majors or Ultras.
Dreadnaught Reconnaissance Collect resource nodes, open chests and kill enemies on the Dreadnaught.

Vanguard Elite Bounties

Name Description
Vanguard Elite Complete Strikes in the SIVA Crisis Playlist to earn points.
Weapons Expert Get 3 rapid kills with any weapon type to earn “Primary Streak”, “Special Streak”, or “Heavy Streak” Medals in SIVA Crisis Strikes.
Heavy Gatling Rapidly kill 3 or more enemies with a Heavy Weapon to earn “Heavy Streak”, “Heavy Spree”, or “Heavy Rampage” Medals in SIVA Crisis Strikes.
Weapons Master Get 6 rapid kills with any weapon type to earn “Primary Spree”, “Special Spree”, or “Heavy Spree” Medals in SIVA Crisis Strikes.
Look, No Ghost Complete a Strike in the SIVA Crisis Playlist without dying to earn an “Indestructible” Medal.
Primary Master Rapidly kill 3 or more enemies with a Primary Weapon to earn “Primary Streak”, “Primary Spree”, or “Primary Rampage” Medals in SIVA Crisis Strikes.

Crucible Bounties

Name Description
Practical Shooting Defeat 7 opposing Guardians with Primary Weapons.
Sun Slinger Defeat 2 opposing Guardians with a single Golden Gun activation.
Can’t Touch Us As a Fireteam of 2 or more players, defeat 5 opposing Guardians without anyone in your Fireteam dying.
Overachiever Complete a Clash match with an individual score of at least 1500 points.
Certified Clasher Complete a Clash match while finishing in the top 3 on your team (minimum 4 players on the team).
Reliable Hardware Win a match with at least 9 primary weapon kills.
Withering Strike Defeat an opposing Guardian in the Crucible with Energy Drain.

Queen’s Wrath Bounties

Name Description
Take the Wanted WANTED: Sho’oulth, Horror of Oryx. Mars or Venus. Fireteam recommended.
Take Them Out Kill 12 Consumed or named Fallen, Hive, Cabal, or Vex on Venus.
Take Them All Kill 100 Taken.
Queen’s Sovereignty Defeat 50 Fallen in any strike playlist.
Queen’s Treasure Open the Queen’s Treasure Chest in the Level 41 Prison of Elders.
Queen’s Curse Get 30 Void Kills on the Dreadnaught.
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