Smith’s Sentiment: WWE Superstar Shake-up Predictions & Analysis

Smith's Sentiment: WWE Superstar Shakeup Edition

This past Monday night on RAW Vince McMahon dropped a bombshell on the WWE Universe… he proclaimed it was time to “shake things up again.”

With that, we’ve got ourselves a “Superstar Shake-up” scheduled for both Monday night AND Tuesday night. That’s right, it’s a two night event.

We still don’t know exactly what form this “Superstar Shake-up” will take. WWE always likes to change things up, especially their terminology. I’m going into it expecting that it’ll just be a draft lottery (i.e. the worst kind of draft), but we’ll see.

Nevertheless, the landscape of RAW and Smackdown is about to change and probably drastically at that. So who is going where? Well that’s what we’re going to talk about in this edition of Smith’s Sentiment.

WWE Superstar Shake-up

First up is the obvious: AJ Styles Goes to RAW

I’m not going to spend a lot of time harping on this, but it is the most likely and the one that has been most rumored since even before mention of the “Superstar Shake-up.” The rumors before WrestleMania suggested Styles would be heading to RAW, and Seth Rollins would be going to Smackdown.

I’m 100% against this move. AJ Styles IS Smackdown. It’s that simple. He has made the show can’t miss. He’s to the 2016/2017 version of the Smackdown brand as Kurt Angle or Brock Lesnar was to the brand from 2002-2004.

It’s fun to freshen things up, but we’re not even a year into the current brand split. Now isn’t the time to shuffle a brands top star away, especially when he’d being to show that is and likely still will be loaded. A show, especially one like Smackdown, needs an anchor.

I’m 95% this is going to happen. I’m 100% sure it’s going to be a mistake.

AJ Styles

Seth Rollins Goes to Smackdown

I like this move. I don’t like it at the expense of AJ moving. Smackdown NEEDS more top tier guys. Sure it should also be a place that creates opportunity for others to get to that point, but it needs more great hands.

As a wrestling fan, I think a roster with AJ Styles, Seth Rollins, Shinsuke Nakamura, Luke Harper, Bray Wyatt, and Randy Orton is in pretty good shape.

What I like about this move is that Seth Rollins desperately needs it. He needs to be away from Stephanie McMahon, and Triple H by extension. Yeah the feud is likely over, but let’s put a bow on it and ship him out of there. Besides, RAW is and will still be loaded with talent.

With Finn Balor back, and I think unlikely to move brands, Seth Rollins is sort of lost for the time being on RAW. Brock Lesnar is a champion who will appear sporadically, and there’s two faces (Roman Reigns, Finn Balor) who will be higher on the totem than Seth for the time being.

Seth Rollins on Smackdown is a win-win.

Seth Rollins

The New Day Goes to Smackdown

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson Go to Smackdown

Breezango Goes to RAW

#DIY Goes to Smackdown

Okay, that’s three tag teams going to Smackdown (two from RAW, one from NXT) and only one going to RAW. But, RAW just got two teams (The Hardy Boyz and The Revival), and Smackdown just lost a team (The Vaudevillians) with the release of Simon Gotch.

I’m not entirely confident with any of these outside of New Day, but I hope for all of them. Gallows & Anderson I only want on Smackdown IF AJ Styles remains on Smackdown though. I want the Club put back together.

#DIY I think is extremely likely to happen. They’re past due for a call up, and I think WWE would be wise to keep them away from The Revival for awhile.

As for New Day, do they really have anything left to do on RAW? I don’t think so. A switch to the blue brand is exactly what they need (and I’d argue a little bit of a gimmick change, but that’s for another edition).


Kevin Owens Goes to Smackdown, Dean Ambrose Goes to RAW

WWE sometimes likes to switch up some championships with these “shake-ups.” I don’t see the main titles going anywhere, so that leaves the mid-card titles (and the only ones without a specific color scheme) to trade places.

I’m not sure what else is left for Dean Ambrose on Smackdown, but at the same time, he’s definitely going to get lost in the shuffle and doomed to the mid-card on RAW. That’s a shame, because he is a main-event level talent.

Kevin Owens going to Smackdown would be great, and especially so if AJ stays. Owens/Styles, Owens/Nakamura, Owens/Harper, Owens/Orton and so on. What I’m saying is, there’s a lot of fresh material for Owens on Smackdown that doesn’t exist on RAW outside of say Finn Balor.

I’m about 50/50 on it. I think this switch will happen, but at the same time wouldn’t be shocked if WWE doesn’t do it. I will say if Owens stays on RAW, Sami Zayn should come to Smackdown.

Kevin Owens

Bo Dallas Goes to Smackdown

Apollo Crews Goes to RAW

Cesaro Goes to Smackdown

Dolph Ziggler Goes to RAW

I have zero confidence for all of these. In the case of Cesaro, this is more of a want. I’d be shocked to see them do it. I wouldn’t put it past them to send Sheamus to Smackdown instead.

Thing about is, I don’t think either Crews or Ziggler would benefit from going to RAW, but I also think they’re stagnate Smackdown as well. NXT would be the best place for both of them, which seems weird to say about Ziggler.

Bo Dallas I just want on the same show as Bray Wyatt so that he can eventually “join the family.” The Bo character does nothing for anyone. A change would do him wonders.

Back to Cesaro, in case you couldn’t tell, I really just want to load Smackdown up with a lot of great wrestlers. AJ/Rollins/Nakamura/Owens/Cesaro/Harper would make a fantastic new version of the “Smackdown Six.”

Yes, I’m very high on Luke Harper. I really hope he stays on Smackdown.


Carmella and Alexa Bliss to RAW

Charlotte and Sasha Banks to Smackdown

I feel like one of each of these is going to happen, but probably not both.

I’m not sure I like the idea of Charlotte and Sasha being on the same show, just because we’ve seen that feud to death, but both would fit very well on Smackdown. They’d also be reunited with Becky Lynch.

If I had to just go with one from each brand, I’d probably be more confident in Alexa and Charlotte switching places.

Smackdown is my favorite of the two shows, if only because it’s two hours instead of three, so I’d miss Alexa. But what is there for her to do on Smackdown at the moment? Nothing.

I’d rather Sasha come over than Charlotte, but Charlotte arguably needs the change more since she completely dominated RAW for so long. Besides, WWE probably wants to do a build towards Bayley/Sasha to try and recapture some of their NXT magic.

Sasha Banks

Those are my predictions for some of the moves we might see next Monday and Tuesday.

Who do think will be moved, and/or who do you want to see moved? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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