Marvel Heroes Omega Closed Beta Impressions

Marvel Heroes Omega

A little over a week ago Marvel Heroes Omega entered closed beta on PS4. Friday the closed beta received its first patch, and I’m glad I held off on doing the impressions because that patch addressed a few of the issues I had (mostly the small text size).

I played a little on PC back when the game released. Not a lot, maybe getting Captain America up to level 10 or 15. I’m not much of a PC gamer; I don’t like keyboard and mouse controls (unless I’m playing an RTS game). I liked it enough to know that I wanted it to come to PS4 though.

So of course I was very excited when Gazillion announced earlier this year that Marvel Heroes Omega was coming to PS4 this year and was naturally looking forward to the beta.

Full disclosure here, the folks at Gazillion provided keys to the five Founder’s Pack’s needed to get Iron Fist and the Symbiote Spider-Man costume; The Avengers, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool, and Spider-Man. That was super kind of them, but of course has no bearing on this impressions piece, the eventual review after release, or any other Marvel Heroes Omega post in the future.

With all that out of the way, let’s get to the impressions.

Marvel Heroes Omega Screenshot 01

I haven’t gotten to play quite as much as I would have liked, but in the first week of the beta I have gotten two characters to level 60 (Punisher and Scarlet Witch), Iron Fist up to 15, and I’ve gotten a prestige Scarlet Witch back to level 60.

I’ll spend the last week and a half playing different characters up to 10 and spending some of G’s on characters just to see who I might want to play eventually. Once Early Access/Open Beta begins, I’ll be back on Scarlet Witch because that’s going to be my first main character. Really liking her powers right now, she’s super fun to play with.

For the most part, I’ve spent the bulk of my time playing on Super Heroic difficulty. You have to pass a Heroic Trail available at level 11 to move up to Heroic, and then you can take the Super Heroic Trial after that but it’s supposedly recommended for levels 52-60. I struggled mightily with Punisher, but passed the Trail with Scarlet at level 28 and have been playing on it ever since.

The good news with doing a prestige is the difficulty remains unlocked on the character. So my prestige Scarlet has been playing on Super Heroic since level 5 (I bumped it down in the beginning since I had no gear). Now that she’s back to 60, I plan on working on the gear more to try and pass the Cosmic Trial, which I tried once and did not complete. It wasn’t a matter of survival, but rather a lack of DPS that did me in.

Marvel Heroes Omega Screenshot 02

I’m not a frame rate junkie, so for the most part the frame rate is pretty fine for me but there are some noticeable drops that occasionally happen. It’s nothing major, for the most part the game runs perfectly fine on PS4 especially since the patch Friday (which cleared up some lag when first entering an area).

The combat is smooth and fun, and given the size of the roster available there is going to be a ton of replayability here since each plays different. Punisher and Scarlet Witch are complete opposites.

Punisher is staying back shooting folks and torching them with a flamethrower before dropping a nuke, while Scarlet Witch is right up one folks vaporizing every enemy around her. Iron Fist on the other hand is pummeling folks with his fist and feet.

All have been fun and the different play styles are appealing because it keeps things fresh. Of the ones I’ve played thus far, Scarlet Witch is the one I’ve liked the most, but we’ll see if that continues over the next two weeks as I begin trying out different characters.

Marvel Heroes Omega Screenshot 03

Once the open beta hits, Marvel Heroes Omega is a free-to-play game. Once you complete the tutorial you’ll be given 400 Eternity Splinters that you can spend in the Store to purchase either two of the 200 ES characters, or one 400 ES character. If you want more characters, you’ll have to buy G’s (real money) or play the game and earn Eternity Splinters. In the closed beta, the Eternity Splinters are dropping at a fair rate. With playing a lot, you’ll be able to acquire characters without having to pay for them at a fair pace. It’s free-to-play done right.

Now there is one problem with the store model right now and that’s the price of inventory slots. You get 40 slots to start with, and you can purchase 5 additional slots for 200 G’s ($2). I have 60 slots and it still fills up super fast and I usually just dump my crafting materials into the storage vault in the Avenger’s Tower. Even that is just about full. And I also destroy a lot of my gear that is no good and also routinely sell/donate a lot of it.

The price of inventory slots need to be adjusted. In a loot based game, and especially where your inventory is shared between characters, inventory space is crucial. 40 is going to fill up insanely fast, and having to spend $2 just to get five additional slots is going to be a big turn off for a lot of people. I think 10 slots for 200 G’s would be a lot better. That way I think more people would be willing to spend $10 on 1000 G’s and would want to spend all of that on inventory space.

The price of characters and costumes I think are fine, especially the costumes since it is a great game that is completely free-to-play. But I really think Gazillion needs to reconsider the price of the inventory and storage slots once open beta begins and progressions starts to carry forward.

Another thing I would suggest Gazillion look at is the crafting in the game. Right now, the game simply does not remotely begin to explain crafting to the players. You can sell your items or donate them to vendors to level them up. The game doesn’t explain why you should do this or how it will benefit you.Marvel Heroes Omega Screenshot 04

For the most part, Marvel Heroes Omega is shaping up to be a great experience on console. The closed beta feels somewhat limited right now, as in I don’t see anything I’d consider to ultimately be endgame other than trying to pass the Cosmic Trial. Once the game actually releases and more content/modes get added, that should change drastically.

I think the game is in a good spot right now in the somewhat limited closed beta. It’s already feeling like it’s going to be the best free-to-play game on the PlayStation store, which is saying something considering Warframe, Neverwinter, and Skyforge are all top notch (and a lot of folks like Smite as well, I’m just not into MOBA’s).

Right now, I’ve been having so much fun with it and can confidently say Marvel Heroes Omega will be my primary game until Destiny 2 comes out in September.

If Gazillion keeps the Eternity Splinter drop rate fair and balanced like it is right now in the closed beta then I definitely think it’ll be a game with a rewarding grind and one that’s worth plaything through again and again and again.

It’s got the addictive fun qualities of Diablo 3 mixed with some of the fun chaos of MMO’s with the patrol zone and the public areas you go through for missions.

Assuming you’re not already in the closed beta, Marvel Heroes Omega should be high on your list to check out once it enters open beta.

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