Marvel Heroes Omega PS4 Early Access Beta Begins, Patch Notes

Marvel Heroes Omega

The closed beta for Marvel Heroes Omega came to an end yesterday and all progress has been wiped. Luckily you don’t have to wait long to dive back in. If you participated in the closed beta or have bought a Founder’s Pack, you’ll be able to start playing the game again right now as it has entered Early Access ahead of the May 23rd Open Beta phase. There is no more planned progression wipes, so from this point on all progress starts to count.

Marvel Heroes Omega is coming to Xbox One on June 20th.

Here are the patch notes for 1.04:


The automatic immunity to crowd control on both enemies and players has been entirely removed. Crowd Control powers will now always apply their full duration to all enemies, with the exception of Bosses, who have a 75% duration reduction against all forms of crowd control. Each hero has been audited for the amount of crowd control powers they have, with most heroes landing with 2-3 crowd control abilities. These are now powerful tools to choose to include in your build as they will reliably interrupt any enemies hit.


  • Story Rewards have been updated. Many quests now give Armor, Rings, Artifacts, and even a Flourish! Gear that is awarded via Story Missions now drop for your current Hero only.
  • Changed Green Goblin Medallion from Explosive to Ranged.
  • Changed Living Laser Medallion from Teleport to Movement.
  • Changed Doctor Octopus Medallion from Gadget to Melee.
  • Fixed several cost and tooltip display issues with Legendaries.
  • Legendary item tooltips now display an XP bar to indicate their current rank and XP progress.
  • Increased the value of the rank 4 bonus damage rating to Ultimate Powers for the Legendary item Twilight.
  • Increased the rank 1, 2 and 3 values for the Legendary item Casket of Ancient Winters.
  • Increased the rank 2 and 3 values for the Legendary item Norn Stones.
  • Increased values and re-organized the order of rank unlocks on the Legendary item Shield of Perseus.
  • Adjusted Relic drop rates game-wide.
  • Stacks of 100 Relics can now be exchanged at the Agent Stephanie Nordle for a chance at a Complete Relic.
  • The Cosmic Movement affix now only restores 1 charge (down from 3).
  • Odin Marks have been updated to Legendary Marks.
  • Improved the display of item tooltips in the UI.
  • Added equip restriction information to Catalyst item tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue where Cosmic Artifacts could drop without being assigned a Cosmic affix.
  • Fixed various item tooltip typos like “Contrabad”, despite that sounding like it might be a cool word.
  • Fixed an issue where Mandarin did not drop his Medallion when defeated in Story Mode.


Many powers which created small or temporary areas of damage have had those areas removed, and the powers either deal more damage or directly apply a damage over time effect, in order to clean up the number of visual effects that are sustained on screen at any given time.

A smaller number of powers have had their area sizes reduced slightly in cases where the area size was larger than necessary to gameplay (regarding the average distance between packs of enemies).


Primary Resource – ACP (Ant Control Power)

Ant-Man now uses Ant Control Power, or ACP, instead of Spirit. ACP regenerates at all times and is spent in large quantities to summon ant colonies to do his bidding.

Ant-Man no longer passively summons ants. The roaming ant colony pets can now be summoned via choosing to use the former power Friends in Low Places. These roaming ant colonies are no longer required or consumed for any powers.

Powers that involve shrinking or growing do not spend ACP. Bio-Electric Blast does spend a large amount of ACP, and serves as an ACP sink for players that may not want to summon Ants.

Power Changes

  • Tiny Takedown – Now triggers many hits in sequence and has a cooldown. With the new resource mechanics of ACP, Ant-Man did not require a single target resource spender and including one would throw off the theme and potency of his new resource. Shrinking Strike serves as the go-to spammable attack for single targets.
  • Bouncing Bullet – Renovated into “Molecular Melee”, a new power where Ant-Man shrinks down to a microscopic scale and attacks enemies unseen. The new version can strike the same enemy multiple times if there are no nearby enemies to bounce to.
  • Inch-High Goodbye – Ant-Man now scales back up to normal size during the uppercut.
  • The Definite Particle – Now restores all ACP rather than providing a buff to Ants.
  • Bio-Electric Blast – Spends a large amount of ACP.
  • Fistful of Ants – Cooldown removed. Spends a large amount of ACP.
  • Red Hots – Now known as “Bullet Ant Attack”. Spends a large amount of ACP.
  • Friends in Low Places – Now known as “Army Ants”, which summons the roaming ant pets formerly from Ant-Man’s passive secondary resource. Spends a very large amount of ACP.
  • Drone Strike – Reduced to 1 maximum simultaneous areas due to the visuals. Spends a moderate amount of ACP.
  • Ant Decoy – No change. Spends a small amount of ACP.
  • Wall o’ Ants – No change. Spends a moderate amount of ACP.
  • For the Colony! – No change. Spends a very large amount of ACP.
  • What Was That? – Removed as a power. A new talent allows Ant-Man to enter into this shrunken stealth state while out of combat.

Removed Talents

  • Art of the Swarm – Removed.
  • Tiny Punch, Huge Dent – Removed.
  • Paralyzing Venom – Removed.
  • Helping Mandibles – Removed.
  • Jerk Seeking Missile – Removed.
  • Large Drone Strike – Removed.
  • Death by a Thousand Bites – Removed.
  • Ant Trap – Removed, effects merged with Wall of Bites.

Existing Talent Changes

  • Wall of Bites – Reworked as “Fire Ant Defenses” – Now causes Wall o’ Ants to automatically apply Bullet Ants, and causes Ant Decoy to do the same when the decoy times out.
  • One-Two Punch – The interaction now works both ways, and has no duration to the effect.
  • Set ‘Em Up, Knock ‘Em Down – Area damage bonus removed. The talent now affects all Melee powers in Ant-Man’s kit.
  • The Particles Must Flow – Now increases all Melee damage, but causes The Definite Particle to restore 50% of maximum ACP.
  • Ants for Days – Now functions with ACP, in the same manner as the former secondary resource – 15% chance to refund the cost when an ACP-spending Power is used. This talent has claimed the name of the former talent “Art of the Swarm”.

New Talents

  • Specialized Super Suit – Causes Ant-Man to become stealthed when he leaves combat, increases his defense, and boosts health and ACP regeneration.
  • Crazy Army – Causes the ants summoned from Army Ants to summon more ants, and causes them to occasionally zap enemies for extra Electric damage.
  • Pint-Sized Potency – Increases the number of hits on Tiny Takedown and Molecular Melee by 3, and increases critical hit chance for all Melee powers.
  • Jack Jumper Ants – Increases the damage and critical damage of Bullet Ants, and causes the ants to move to another nearby target if their target is defeated.
  • Giant-Sized – Turns Inch-High Goodbye into Giant Uppercut (which does exactly what you think it does), increases the damage of Big Foot Sighting, and passively increases maximum health.
  • Carpenter Ants – Drone Strike will now seek out enemies, deals significantly more damage, and has a cooldown.
  • Bio-Electric Devastation – Causes Bio-Electric Blast to spend all ACP to deal bonus damage.
  • Fire Ant Constructs – Increases the damage, critical chance, and reduces the ACP cost of Fistful of Ants and For the Colony!


  • Fixed incorrect starting ability button assignments for Black Widow’s starting powers.


  • Fixed Cyclops’ Magik summon being created directly at his position, clipping through Cyclops’ model.


  • Deadpool clones summoned via the Multiplayer Talent will now correctly use the updated Deadpool model rather than the pre-VU model.


  • Seal of the Vishanti now regenerates Dr. Strange’s Mana while he stands in the area.
  • Daggers of Daveroth is no longer considered a Cooldown power and does not grant itself a charge.
  • Fixed tooltip errors in Dr. Strange’s Astral Legion and Daggers of Daveroth powers.
  • Fixed Dr. Strange Ice Golems and Mindless Ones not respecting the intended summon limit of 3 (per entity)
  • Fixed Dr. Strange’s ‘twincasted’ powers not requiring additional Mana to cast when Astral Projections are summoned
  • Fixed Dr. Strange’s Mysticism visual indicator (orbs that float around him) to once again display.


  • Fixed Hawkeye’s Three Arrow Burst not displaying correct visuals.


  • Hulk’s power progression has been updated to have a better selection of powers in early levels.


  • Fixed Iceman’s Ultimate summoning an extreme number of Iceman Clones compared to what the tooltip indicated.


  • Swapped the unlock levels for Pulse Bolt and Repulsor Blast in Iron Man’s power progression.
  • Fixed a tooltip issue with Iron Man’s Sonic Shockwave.


  • Leveling up while playing as Jean Grey in Phoenix Form will no longer revert her back to non-Phoenix form.
  • Fixed a bug where Jean Grey’s powers would revert to the Telepath version after a region change while in Phoenix form.
  • Fixed a visual bug where Jean Grey’s Phoenix-form wings would disappear upon levelling up with the Unleash the Phoenix talent enabled.
  • Fixed an audio issue where she didn’t speak when hitting L2 and Down on the D-Pad.


  • Fixed a visual issue with Moon Knight’s Avatar of Vengeance.


  • Nova Dash no longer requires a wind-up to use the power. It also deals more damage and has a cooldown.


  • Fixed an issue with Punisher’s Light-Weight Magazine talent not granting Rapid Reload’s damage buff.


  • Scarlet Witch can now move while channeling her Ultimate power.


  • Star-Lord’s Close Combat power has returned to his power tree as a standard, non-cooldown power. It retains its execute affix, only if used while Ammo is reloading.
  • The Close Combat talent (now Up Close and Personal) increases Close Combat damage and provides a damage barrier upon using Close Combat or Star-Lord’s dash power.
  • Star-Lord’s power progression has been updated to have a better selection of powers in early levels
  • Elemental Shot ammo cost increased to 20, damage increased to compensate.
  • Swapped the unlock levels for rows 1 and 5 for Star-Lord’s Talent progression.
  • Fixed tooltip error in Star-Lord’s Water Power.


  • The Talent Always Strike Twice has been updated. Ball Lightning, rather than returning to Storm, now sticks to the first target hit for 3 seconds, damaging the target and all enemies nearby.


Thor’s Primary Resource is now Odinforce. Odinforce generates to full when using specific powers, and starts empty. Most melee powers will spend Odinforce to perform additional effects but can be used without it. A select few of his lightning-only powers require Odinforce to be used.

Removed Powers

Rolling Thunder is no longer an independent power in Thor’s kit – it is now a component of Hammer Smash.


The following powers restore all of Thor’s Odinforce when used:

  • Son of Odin
  • Ragnarok
  • Lightning Storm
  • The Anti-Force

The following powers spend Odinforce, if available, for bonus effects:

  • Hammer Strike – Spends Odinforce to chain lightning to nearby enemies
  • Hammer Smash – Spends Odinforce to fire a line of electricity that deals continuous damage to enemies who stand in it (the former effect of Rolling Thunder). Hammer Smash now has a 4 second cooldown.
  • Leaping Smite – Spends Odinforce to deal more damage, stun enemies, and have a much larger area of effect.
  • Spinning Strike – Spends Odinforce to guarantee a Critical Strike.
  • Hammer of Storms – Spends Odinforce to charge up Mjolnir, making it spit lightning as it passes.

The following powers require and spend Odinforce to be used:

  • Forked Lightning
  • Bring the Thunder
  • Crack the Sky

The remaining powers have no Odinforce interaction:

  • Thunderous Charge
  • Asgardian Smite – This power now has an 8 second cooldown.
  • Have At Thee!
  • For Asgard!


Thor’s Talent arrangements have been altered to better support defined builds and the changes to his resource.

  • Godly Smite now spends 100 Odinforce.
  • Fly, Mjolnir! – Now causes Hammer of Storms to trigger a Godly Smite.
  • Resounding Smite – Now buffs Melee damage, and causes Asgardian Smite to trigger a Godly Smite.
  • Mjolnir Unleashed – Odinforce requirement removed from Leaping Smite and Hammer Smash.
  • Lightning Hammer – Now adds an Odinforce cost to Lightning Strike
  • Thunder Hammer – The added Thunderclap component now spends Odinforce
  • Almighty Mjolnir – No longer reduces Odinforce decay, as Odinforce does not decay in its new incarnation.
  • God Force – Now triggers For Asgard! When The Anti-Force is used (migrated from Aura of Asgard)
  • Hammer of Wrath – Now guarantees a Brutal Strike if Odinforce is spent on Spinning Strike
  • Stormcaller – Odinforce requirement removed from Crack the Sky. The number of enemies hit by Lightning Strike is reduced to 8.
  • Aura of Asgard – Removed, with its primary functionality merged to God Force. A new talent has been installed – Odin’s Favor. Odin’s Favor reduces the cooldown and increases the damage of powers that restore Odinforce, and increases your maximum Odinforce.
  • Building Power – Has been changed to a stacking stacking buff that triggers when you use a power that restores Odinforce, stacking up to 3 times, lasts 10s. Increases Electric Power Damage, Damage Absorbed, and Critical Chance.
  • The Final Confrontation – Still causes Ragnarok to spend Odinforce and grants bonus damage in exchange. Ragnarok no longer restores Odinforce with this talent chosen.
  • Thor, King of Asgard – Now takes effect while you have any Odinforce, increasing Health, Defense, Deflect, and Health Regeneration


  • Hammer of War – Increased base damage.
  • Spitfire – Increased base damage.
  • Clear the Room – Increased base damage and adjusted animation speed.
  • Plasma Cannon – Increased base damage, removed Energy keyword.
  • Army of One – Increased base damage.


  • Operations are now available to players at level 11.
  • Slightly reduced baseline enemy defense values in Heroic and Superheroic difficulties.
  • Slightly increased the amount of damage enemies deal per increase in difficulty setting.
  • Adjusted the amount of Health Doop has in all difficulties, as well as adjusted the frequency at which Doop flees to make Doop easier to defeat when found.
  • Increased XP rewards for various Chapter 1 through Chapter 7 Story Mode missions.
  • Increased the amount of S.H.I.E.L.D. Supply Points earned while a S.H.I.E.L.D. Supply Boost is active when defeating enemies in Story Mode, Midtown Patrol, Operations and Danger Room scenarios.
  • A new waypoint added to Chapter 3 – Madripoor: Hidden Cove.
  • Moved the Chapter 3 Bamboo Forest waypoint from the middle of the map to the beginning of the Bamboo Forest area.
  • Reduced the number of illusions Loki summons per cast and increased the amount of time between casts during the first phase of the Chapter 9 boss battle. These illusions will no longer incorrectly sometimes drop loot when destroyed.
  • Reduced the number and Health of enemies summoned during the second phase of the Chapter 9 Loki boss battle.
  • Reduced the health of Extradimensional Portals within the Dark Dimensions Operation.
  • Reduced the amount of healing done by Frost Giant Shamans in all regions where these enemies appear.
  • An edge pointer now displays after speaking with Agent Coulson on the Hell’s Kitchen rooftop in Chapter 1 for clearer pathing.
  • The “Legendary Firsts: Danger Room” mission resets back a bit so Beast will give you another chip if you lose the first one he gives you.
  • Vendors have been added to the Danger Room HQ.
  • Reduced the damage dealt by throwable objects to account for damage scaling from Hero stats.
  • The exit portal after battling Kingpin in Chapter 4 has been moved from behind the desk to a doorway in the north of the room.
  • HYDRA has lowered their fitness requirements for mech pilots, resulting in much weaker pilots.
  • The Mutate Chief’s Bodyguards have also become weaker… or the magic of the Mutate Warchief isn’t as good as it used to be.
  • You are now required to speak with Maria Hill in Avengers Tower to start the Chapter 2 “Pursuing the Hood” mission.
  • Legendary Mission: “Nuke the Site From Orbit” has the appropriate number of Brood to kill and no longer requires clearing 2 treasure rooms.
  • Legendary Mission: “Castle Crash” now correctly registers Servo-Guard Kills.
  • Legendary Mission “Blood and Stone” now correctly registers Kronan Sergeant kills.
  • Legendary Mission “Rove the Cove” now warps players to the front of the Hidden Cove rather than in Lowtown. Number of required Hand Ninja Elite defeats reduced.
  • Updated the description text for the mission “Crafting with S.H.I.E.L.D.”
  • Various text improvements when receiving and advancing Chapter 2 and 5 missions.
  • Adjustments made to ensure sufficient mobs are available in Midtown Patrol to complete the “Techno-Virus Takedown” and “No Big Deal” Legendary Missions.
  • Fixed an issue where two Rhinos could appear in the cutscene that plays before the Rhino Supervillain Showdown in Chapter 2.
  • Fixed an issue where the treasure room chest would spawn before defeating Rhino in the Rhino Containment Super Villain Showdown.
  • Fixed Shield and Damage Boost totems spawned by boss affixes to once again provide their buff effect as a reward to players that destroy them.
  • Fixed an issue where entering the Times Square Operation would cause character dialogue audio to stop playing.
  • Fixed a possible progression block in Savage land “Chapter 7: Egg Hunter” Legendary Mission.
  • Fixed an issue where characters could fly over the exit doors in the Ultron Times Square Operation.


Brand new to Marvel Heroes Omega are Marvelous Loot Boxes! These boxes can be purchased within the in-game store and contain a random assortment of possible items such as costumes, boosts, currencies and more! Additionally, each Marvelous Loot Box contains Marvelous Essence, a currency which can be used to directly purchase certain items found within Marvelous Loot Boxes from Moondragon in Avenger’s Tower. Marvelous Essence can be saved up and spent on items contained within future Marvelous Loot Boxes as well!

We’ve also doubled the amount of Inventory slots per expansion upgrade purchased, and cut the price of Inventory expansion upgrades beyond the first in half!

Hero Eternity Splinter unlock costs have been adjusted for all Heroes in the following tiers:

  • 250 Eternity Splinters (up from 200)
  • 525 Eternity Splinters (up from 400)
  • 775 Eternity Splinters (up from 600)


  • PlayStation 4 Trophy support has been enabled.
  • Enabled the ability to stream gameplay via YouTube through the PS4 Share feature.
  • The “Options” and “Social” UIs have switched places! “Options” can now be accessed using the Options button on PS4. The social menu (managing the party and nearby players) now occupies the “Options” button’s old spot on the radial menu.
  • Improved the feel of radial menu navigation so each option is easier to select.
  • The health bar icon (“+”) now shows the cooldown of the medkit power. The L1 button prompt will always show when the ability is ready to use, regardless of health level.
  • Improved Health bar and primary resource bar visuals.
  • The Infinity XP bar now replaces the normal Experience bar on the HUD when playing at max level.
  • Teleport and phasing movement powers can now be used to travel through walls, as intended.
  • All destructible objects in the game are no longer targetable directly and will not be automatically targeted or can be target-locked.
  • Added a tutorial about Hero Traits when your hero reaches level 6.
  • Added a new button prompt to the title screen which allows you to press Square to view the PS4 Server Status in a web browser page if unable to connect.
  • Further adjustments made to various font sizes to improve overall text readability.
  • Various text updates for descriptions within the Guide menu.
  • Fixed several font size inconsistencies across the UI.
  • Further improvements made for performance optimization.
  • Added a new gameplay option to show the target indicator for non-co-op games.
  • Added Donate All and Sell All vendor options within an item category for better inventory management.
  • Crafting materials will no longer display a screen-edge pointer when they are on the ground off-screen.
  • Research Reports will no longer need to be opened via container within the Inventory.
  • The Prestige Flourish visual item now displays a different visual based on the new Prestige badge icons.
  • Prestige no longer changes the color of your player’s overhead health bar.
  • Prestige rank is now shown on the party panel UI.
  • Prestige rewards will now be delivered in a container within the Inventory rather than dropped directly on the ground.
  • Added support for dismissing controlled entities from the Powers panel. This fixes Magik’s Eternal Servitude, so you can now reset the currently controlled enemy.
  • Fixed a bug where power slots on the HUD would sometimes show as “greyed out” when playing couch co-op.
  • Fixed a bug where power slots on the HUD would sometimes disappear on region change.
  • Fixed an issue where Artifacts were not always being equipped in the selected slot in the Inventory panel.
  • Fixed an issue where a fourth Artifact slot was visible in the Inspection panel.
  • Fixed an issue where items could not be donated to the crafter if they were locked due to being for a different Hero.
  • Fixed grammatical typos in various Achievement descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented changing difficulty under certain circumstances while couch co-op was active.
  • Fixed a bug in non-English languages where pressing “Up” during a “new talent” notification would not open the talent panel properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Triangle button did not appear to transfer items into S.T.A.S.H. storage when playing in Spanish, French or German languages.
  • Fixed an issue where players were receiving 400 Eternity Splinters on subsequent completions of the Times Square tutorial rather than only once per account.
  • Fixed various UI errors when opening containers from within the Inventory.
  • Fixed an issue where the Inventory panel could show a slot as having new items even if there were not new items for that slot.
  • Fixed an issue where boost timers would “reset” to full when logging out and back in. The time remaining was correct, but the bar would look full.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in a crash during the Times Square tutorial if the Hero Roster was opened at the same time a tutorial tip was displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where using an Ultimate Upgrade Token would not update the level text in the Ultimate power panel.
  • Fixed an issue where a Grim Reaper attack was causing players to get stuck in a looping animation.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the Circle button when the “defeated” dialog is up would cause the timer to set to 0:00.
  • Fixed issues where party creation messages were not showing up correctly in the party panel.
  • Various corrections and improvements made to non-English text translations.
  • Removed some erroneous loading screen tips.
  • Fixed several icons that were marked as ‘Under Construction.’
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