You’ll Be Able to Buy Progress in Star Wars Battlefront II With Microtransactions

Star Wars Battlefront 2

As noted yesterday, Star Wars: Battlefront II will have free DLC (maps, characters, weapons, etc.) drop during themed seasons, so of course the game will have microtransactions to make up lost DLC money. The microtransactions will allow players to purchase progress in the game.

Battlefront II game designer Niklas Fegraeus told

“When you want to progress and get stuff, you can either play the game and when you play you earn the in-game currency, and with that you can spend towards whatever you want,” he told us. “If you want to accelerate that, if you can’t play for a week, you can purchase that. The important thing is everything can be earned [through gameplay]. If you’re someone who spends time on the game, we love you, do your thing, do what you want to do. If you don’t have the time, you can spend money and we love you as well. It’s your choice.”

Fegraeus went on to explain that this isn’t “pay to win…”

“No, it’s not about buying the winning item. That’s not how it works. No one can say, ‘I’m going to spend my zillion dollars and then I’m going to dominate.’ That’s not how it works.”

Star Wars: Battlefront II will hit stores on November 10th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Smith’s Sentiment: I don’t like this kind of microtransaction. It’s equally as bad as the gambling RNG loot boxes. This sounds like some free-to-play type microtransaction where you can get everything if you grind, but if you want to spend money you can get it easier and quicker. Why can’t microtransaction just be cosmetic things like skins, weapon skins, emblems, and stuff like that? Paying for progress may not be straight up pay to win, but it is at least paying for a early advantage over the players grinding the game out and advancing that way.

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