Warframe Goes Open World With Plains of Eidolon Expansion Later This Year

Digital Extremes held their TennoCon 2017 yesterday and they announced a MASSIVE expansion that is a total game-changer for the free-to-play title Warframe.

Later this year, the Plains of Eidolon will release and this adds the first Landscape to Warframe.

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You won’t be playing through a randomly generated maze tileset, instead the Landscape offers up the first “living space” in Warframe… a fully open world for players to experience and explore.

The update introduces the Ostron town of Cetus. This hub is an open market where players can purchase equipment and other items and interact with NPC’s in the town. Cetus will be able to accommodate up to 50 players, but the missions in the Plains of Eidolon will be instanced like the current missions for up to four players.

From Cetus, players will be able to visit the Plains of Eidolon landscape. In this open world, there are numerous mission objectives and no timers. The world is large and open, and you’ll be able to explore and tackle your objective in whatever way you choose.

Since the Plains of Eidolon are large, players will be able to use their Archwing for the first time on land for both fast travel and combat.

The Plains feature a day/night cycle as well, and at night things can get dangerous as the huge Spectral Sentient comes out to play and hunt.

Check out the 17 minute gameplay demo of the Plains of Eidolon to get a look at the town of Cetus and the open world of the Plains.

The Plains of Eidolon update is coming to Warframe later this year for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Patriot’s Position: This expansion looks absolutely amazing. Being a huge Destiny fan and also a fan of open world games, this is something I used to hope Warframe would get for a long time but never would have expected. It might as well be a large patrol zone, which is very appealing to me.

I played a lot of Warframe back in 2014, and then Destiny came out and it, along with every other game for me, fell to the wayside. I’ve gone back to it for small amounts of times in the three years since then, but the game has changed SO MUCH that I am completely lost.

But this update looks so great and is exactly what I’ve wanted from this game, that I’ve reinstalled it today and I’m trying to get back into it. If I were starting fresh it’d probably be easier, but right now I’m lost and I’m going to have a lot of reading and watching YouTube videos to try and get caught up on what I should be doing.