WWE Battleground 2017 “Review”

Battleground 2017

Well, when I mentioned in the preview post that’d we have a review up sometime after the show I honestly assumed I’d write a traditional review. You know, one where the matches are reviewed in the order they happened in and given star ratings.

But what can realistically be said about what we witnessed? It seems a waste of time and effort to give one of those reviews when the people responsible for booking this horrific event put no effort into it.

I kinda feel bad saying that because there was effort there from the wrestlers, and it’s appreciated, but the booking of this show was just atrocious. And that’s not surprising, this show seemed doomed to fail long before it began.

The kickoff show match between Aiden English and Tye Dillinger was good. I enjoyed every bit of it despite not liking the idea of the match (both guys need wins). I was also pleasantly shocked that Aiden English picked up the win. I thought “hey, maybe this show won’t be so bad after all. Boy should I have known better.

I liked the New Day/Uso’s match and thought it was really good. Also happy New Day won the titles. Also thought the women’s match was decent, and wasn’t shocked that Natalya won because she made sense to me and was my pick in the predictions. God bless her, she can’t wrestle to save her life, but man if I don’t enjoy seeing Lana in the ring. She has everything but the wrestling down pact and of course some fantastic ring attire.

Lana Battleground Booty

Everything else was trash though.

1.) Shinsuke/Corbin don’t work well together. Stupid DQ finish doesn’t “protect” Corbin.

2.) The effort from Cena/Rusev was good, but a Flag Match will always suck. It’s sucks even more with WWE’s revised rules where you have to get the flag and plant it. It makes the wrestlers look stupid when they have to oversell stuff they otherwise wouldn’t, or pretend they can’t climb the turnbuckle. Beyond that, why wouldn’t Rusev have grabbed the US flag and hid it somewhere, or throw the podium off the steps? Instead, John Cena can’t even take a loss in something as silly as a Flag Match. Rusev deserves better than this. It’s a joke.

3.) Kanellis/Zayn was okay until the finish. There’s that 50/50 booking I mentioned in the predictions column. This was Mike’s second match, and they had him lose. Terrible. Even worse is having the announcers constantly refer to him as “Maria’s husband.”

4.) Finally we have the Punjabi Prison match. Almost 30 minutes. A large chunk of it with Randy Orton having to fight three people, only for him to overcome those odds and then have to deal with a returning Great Khali. It’s like Vince McMahon decided the match wasn’t going to be terrible enough as is, so he had to bring in Khali to really cement it. Overbooked garbage match that further makes Jinder Mahal look like the biggest joke of a champion they’ve had. It’s not entertaining, it’s stupid. Vince, we get it, you didn’t like Smackdown being better than RAW for whatever reason, but enough is enough. Stop, it’s already dead.

Stop He's Already Dead

This was an absolutely terrible event. Easily the worst event of the year, and that’s saying something considering how awful Money in the Bank was.

For an event this bad, the rating means nothing so I give MINUS five stars to the booking team and Vince McMahon.

Now if you excuse me, I feel bad for having spent a little over three hours watching this, so…

Al Bundy noose

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2 Comments on WWE Battleground 2017 “Review”

  1. This was not worse than Money In The Bank. It wasn’t great, or even all that good, but MITB was the worst event I’ve seen in years probably decades.


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