Marvel Heroes Omega Patch 1.14 Patch Notes: Apocalypse Awakens

Marvel Heroes Omega


Archangel has returned from his scouting mission in Egypt with ominous news.

Clan Akkaba has contracted the nefarious Mr. Sinister – in exchange for helping further his illicit cloning of the X-Men, he has agreed to help Clan Akkaba produce the specimens needed to complete some form of dark ritual, which Archangel’s intel claims they refer to as the “Four Horsemen.”

Archangel is certain their ultimate goal is to awaken none other than En Sabah Nur… also known as Apocalypse.

Mr. Sinister and Clan Akkaba cannot be allowed to succeed. Get to Northern Egypt and help Archangel put a stop to this ritual before Apocalypse awakens!


Our new Apocalypse Loot Box is available now in the in-game store, offering a host of new Age of Apocalypse costumes:

  • Kitty Pryde – Age of Apocalypse
  • Nightcrawler – Age of Apocalypse
  • Nightcrawler – Age of Apocalypse (Cloaked)
  • Iceman – Age of Apocalypse
  • Colossus – Age of Apocalypse
  • Jean Grey – Age of Apocalypse
  • Jean Grey – Apocalypse Event Exclusive (Enhanced)
  • Storm – Apocalypse Event Exclusive (Enhanced)
  • Psylocke – Apocalypse Event Exclusive (Enhanced)
  • Magik – Apocalypse Event Exclusive (Enhanced)

Our new Event Exclusive costumes for Jean Grey, Magik, Psylocke and Storm are our most elaborate Enhanced costumes yet! Not only will these costumes change their appearance, but grant those heroes additional, unique powers that you can use when wearing their Apocalypse Event Exclusive costumes.


Four additional heroes now have Omega Prestige available to them in this patch:

  • Jean Grey
  • Magik
  • Psylocke
  • Storm

These Omega Prestige upgrades can be unlocked via the crafter using the same upgrade path as the previous Spider-Man Omega Prestige.

Additionally, these Omega Prestige upgrades can be purchased directly in the in-game store for each individual hero as a standalone purchase. Please note that these a la carte options are for the Omega Prestige upgrade onlyand will not unlock that hero on your account if you do not already own that hero.

These Omega Prestige upgrades can also be purchased as part of our Age of Apocalypse Event Omega Pack:

  • Hero unlocks for Jean Grey, Magik, Psylocke, and Storm
  • Omega Prestige upgrades for all four heroes
  • Apocalypse Event Exclusive Enhanced costumes for all four heroes
  • 8,000 Gs to spend in the in-game store
  • 10 Combination Boosts

This Age of Apocalypse Event Omega Pack will be available through the PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace starting September 28th (September 29th for those in European regions).


Omega Difficulty is now accessible in Marvel Heroes Omega!

Players can unlock the Omega Trial from the Waypoint menu upon successfully completing the Cosmic Trial, and will test players against even more powerful enemies than before.

Once unlocked, you can access Omega Difficulty via the Difficulty slider, which offers an even greater challenge with even greater rewards! Omega Difficulty offers improved XP, credit drops, currency rewards, and S.H.I.E.L.D. Supply points compared to Cosmic Difficulty. In addition, Omega difficulty is the only difficulty in which you can earn our new Omega Item sets!

Omega level enemies won’t give up these rewards easily, however – enemies in Omega difficulty have access to more powerful affixes, as well as some all new affix powers exclusive to Omega difficulty.


Alongside our new Omega difficulty, we are introducing a new tier of gear: Omega Items.

Omega Items are a set-based form of gear that can be equipped in your hero’s 5 primary armor & weapon slots. These powerful new items are not just a step up in raw power compared to Cosmic items, but are infused with bonuses that grow in power with each additional piece of that set you equip at one time.

Each Omega Item set is based on different heroes in the Marvel universe, with bonuses that generally focus on a particular playstyle or type of powers. For example, the Quicksilver’s Threads Omega Item set focuses on improving your hero’s Dodge rating and Dash powers, while the Shards of Cyttorak Omega Item set focuses on granting multiple bonuses to any Movement powers your hero uses.

Omega Items will always drop for the hero you are currently playing, so you will never receive an Omega Item that cannot be equipped for your current hero.

These powerful new items can only be found when playing on Omega difficulty.

30 different Omega Item sets are being released in this update, with more sets planned to be released regularly in future updates.

Gear up your strongest hero and take on the challenge of Omega difficulty to start earning these powerful new items!


The Cosmetic tab is a new addition to your inventory that allows you to equip not only our favorite Flourish item, but equip and customize which emotes your hero can activate in-game!

By default, your hero will come equipped with the three main emotes that all heroes currently have access to:

  • Hello
  • Laugh
  • Pose

With the new Cosmetics system in place, you will now also be able to unlock additional emotes as possible rewards within Marvelous Loot Boxes. The first two additional emotes that can be acquired are:

  • Cheer
  • Showoff

More emotes will be coming in the future to allow you to customize your hero even further!


With the addition of our new Apocalypse Loot Box, the available costumes within the Marvelous Loot Box have also been updated:

  • Black Cat – All New Marvel NOW!
  • Punisher – Omega Effect
  • Captain America – The Captain
  • Captain America – Classic
  • Ant-Man – Ant-Man Scott Lang Movie Costume
  • Iceman – All-New X-Men
  • Hulk – Planet Hulk
  • Black Widow – Marvel’s The Avengers
  • Cyclops – Marvel NOW!
  • Spider-Man – Amazing
  • Nightcrawler – House of M
  • Ghost Rider – Modern
  • Wolverine – Days of Future Past
  • Venom – Anti-Venom
  • Storm – Astonishing
  • Moon Knight – Marvel NOW!
  • Iron Man – Shotgun
  • Iron Man – Heartbreaker
  • Iron Fist – Immortal Weapon
  • Jean Grey – 90’s
  • Doctor Strange – Doctor Strange Movie
  • Spider-Man – Spider-Gwen (Enhanced)
  • Deadpool – Deadpool the Kid (Enhanced)
  • Nova – Sam Alexander (Enhanced)
  • Spider-Man – Iron Spider (Enhanced)


  • Due to issues being caused by Maxwell Jordan’s Lost Ring of Stone it no longer increases primary resources by 10%. To compensate for this it now increases primary resource by a flat 250.
  • The A.R.M.O.R. Dimensional Power Portal Generator Recipe now outputs the expected result.
  • The icon for crafting the S.H.I.E.L.D. Support Beacon has been changed to represent the item icon.
  • Removed the Under Construction icon from several items that are no longer under construction.
  • Orders from the Hand have been retired. Items purchased for Orders can now be sold for credits.
  • Starktech recipes can now be sold for credits.
  • Character Specific XP tokens can now be traded and upgraded at the crafter!
  • Changed Donate All and Sell All commands to have a confirmation dialog but no press and hold requirement.
  • Changed Sell Item command to not have a confirmation dialog and to not be press and hold.
  • Changed Donate Item command to be press and hold with no confirmation dialog.
  • Changed Destroy Item command to be press and hold with no confirmation dialog.



  • Pint-Sized Potency talent now properly grants 3 extra hits to Tiny Takedown.
  • Crazy Army talent will now double the amount of ant swarms summoned by Army Ants from 5 to 10.
  • Giant Uppercut damage increased.
  • Fixed an issue where Giant-Sized wasn’t properly increasing the damage of Big Foot Sighting.
  • Fixed an issue where Art of the Swarm wasn’t correctly triggering on Army Ants.
  • Carpenter Ant Swarm now properly adds a 10 second cooldown to Drone Strike.
  • The talents Fire Ant Defenses and One-Two Punch will now properly increase the listed powers’ damage.


  • Grappling Hook Slam now only uses Momentum if you’re above 50% max to give a damage bonus. Previously it was not giving the damage bonus correctly but always deducting the Momentum.
  • Blue Beatdown now gets the 30% damage bonus that the tooltip has said it should be receiving.
  • Fixed an issue with the Agile Tumble tooltip that caused it to show much higher damage than the power actually dealt.
  • Fixed the Uncanny Acrobatics talent so that it correctly stacks up to two counts of Savage Somersault.


  • Black Cat’s Nine Lives trait now updates when you activate the talent Tenth Time’s a Charm.


  • Anyone who has encountered a bug where Black Widow was getting stuck on her Remote Detonation power should no longer be stuck.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented Blade’s ammo from regenerating correctly while Maxwell Jordan’s Lost Ring of Stone was equipped.
  • Psychoactive Pheromones talent now properly displays that it makes his hemoglycerin powers have two charges, not two additional charges.


  • The Faster Than You Look talent now properly allows Colossal Roar and Heroic Challenge to restore charges to Osmium Charge.


  • Fixed an issue where the Master Tactician power was not applying the damage bonus to Emma and Magik summons.
  • Added cooldown note to the Eye in the Sky power tooltip.
  • Optic Power talent tooltip has been reworded for better clarity.
  • Fixed an issue where when Beast was summoned by Cyclops, all of his attacks were Brutal Strikes.
  • Angel and Iceman will no longer go AWOL during To Me, My X-Men with X-Men Standing By enabled.


  • Fixed a typo in the Silent Scream power.


  • Fixed an issue with the Royal Flush ability so the cooldown is always reduced by half if used with Kinetic Energy.
  • Gambit’s Batter Up Power no longer unintentionally incurs its cost for each target hit.


  • The talent Omega Telepath has been renamed to Overwhelming Telepathy. Additionally the top of the tooltip has had the language corrected to say it gives Deflect and not Dodge.
  • Psionic Barrier tooltip changed to better reflect the cooldown increase to Psychokinetic Implosion.
  • Jean Grey no longer is able to use her Ultimate during trials, bringing her in line with all other heroes.


  • Luke Cage now stops on power use of Sweet Christmas. This fixes the previous result which made him slide while using it.


  • Magik’s Teleport powers are now correctly tagged as Teleport instead of Magic.
  • Fixed various typos on some of Magik’s power tooltips.


  • Added a tooltip for the Run Through ability for when the talent Surprise Attack is active.


  • Scarlet Witch now has a new Keyword called Disruption on several powers. This may be used later for itemization.
  • The Positive Outcome talent now correctly displays the added cooldown.


  • Omega Prestige Spider-Man no longer gets double the damage bonus from his offensive trait when he’s Omega. This was a mistake and has been corrected.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Spider-Man from casting a shadow with the Omega Prestige effect enabled.


  • Fixed an issue where Furious Lunge would have a lock icon over the hotbar slot at level 1.


  • Added new Gameplay option: Modifier Button – Instant Power Activation. Defaulted to on. When turned on, pressing the modifier button will activate the modified power of the face button the player is currently holding down.
  • Omega Prestiging a hero will no longer give you a box that contains the Legendary item and Omega Prestige Flourish. Instead you will receive your hero’s Legendary item and Flourish directly in the inventory upon activating the Omega Prestige for that hero.
  • Players that have completed the Heroic and Super Heroic trials now have access to those difficulties at level 1 when they prestige.
  • Players now receive HUD notifications when acquiring a loot box.
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Supply Boxes should now properly drop Ultimate Upgrade tokens.
  • The Lightning Orb boss affix has become a bit more dangerous.
  • Most enemies with multi-missile spread powers will now only do damage once no matter how many of the missiles hit you. These style attacks were very hard on melee heroes.
  • Gorgon has some new tricks up his sleeve.
  • Rhino’s uppercut will no longer knock up, but his new Gore attack will! Look out for it.
  • Juggernaut’s Headbutt no longer stuns.
  • Wizard in patrol zones will now use all the powers he does in Story Mode.
  • Kingpin has a brand new look. They say crime doesn’t pay, but he seems to be doing alright…
  • The clones in Sinister Lab will automatically be defeated upon defeating Mr. Sinister in Story Mode. Alas, they’ve lost their will to live without their sinister superior.
  • Purifier Mutant Hunter now has a tell for his net gun. He will also hit you with it if you get too close!
  • “Alert: Aquatic Assault” in Madripoor (Hidden Cove) now has a 2 minute fail timer for each wave.
  • Players participating in the “Alert: Aquatic Assault” mission must contribute to a sizeable portion of the mission objective progress (i.e. enemy defeats) in order to receive the reward for mission completion.
  • Fixed mission tracker during the “Alert: Aquatic Assault” mission that persisted when you were out of range from the Aquatic Assault encounter.
  • Increased “Alert: Aquatic Assault” mission reset cooldown from 2 to 5 minutes.
  • Fixed an issue with the difficulty slider. If your current difficulty is not available for the selected region, you can now change it to any available difficulties for that region. Previously, the difficulty slider would only allow you to change it one setting higher or lower, which may not have been a valid option.
  • Fixed an issue that caused sound effects to play twice when ending channeled powers.
  • Fixed an issue where some HUD tutorials would display a button image when there wasn’t supposed to be one.
  • Fixed an issue where some buffs that stack would not update their stack counts on the HUD.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the UI to become unresponsive if a full screen UI panel is open while changing regions.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause slotted powers to move to different slots.
  • Fixed an issue where talents weren’t always properly highlighting powers.
  • Fixed an issue where if the player had the Target Indicator option turned on from the Gameplay Menu and used Target Lock Assist it would cause multiple indicators on the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible in some circumstances to initiate an Omega Prestige while in a co-op session. Omega Prestige should now only work when not currently in a co-op session as intended.
  • Fixed an Infinity System issue where adding points to Power Overwhelming did not contribute to the total needed for Reality Gem synergy bonuses.
  • Fixed the waypoint spawn locations for Upper East Side and Fisk Tower.
  • Fixed an issue where Castle Doom Bounty Chests were not spawning on completion.
  • Fixed an issue with The Mutant Hunter boss mission that was blocking progress in the Danger Room.
  • Fixed an issue with the Mission Tracker showing the Survival Bonus in the Danger Room Victory Room.
  • Fixed an issue where the chest spawned before clearing the Sinking Freighter treasure room of all enemies.
  • Fixed various typos in the following missions: “Starktech and the Intelligencia”, “Beyond the X-Men”, “City Under Siege.”
  • Fixed an issue where Upper East Side showed a portal to Crosstown Subway.
  • Fixed an issue with the “Latverian Defense Grid” mission alert not displaying the mission tracker when active.
  • Fixed an issue where Deacon Hauck could be defeated before the mission stated to do so in the Lady Deathstrike Super Villain Showdown.
  • Fixed some grammatical errors on the “History of Mutants” mission.
  • Fixed an issue where the exit portal did not appear upon defeating Malekith in the Asgardian Canals without also having the main story mission “City Under Siege” active.
  • Fixed an issue in Fisk’s Tower Operation where Kingpin’s edge pointer was appearing even when you were not on the same floor as him.
  • The Minimap will display only one floor at a time in Fisk Tower.
  • Moved exit portal in Sinister Lab (Story and Operation versions) away from the center of the room for ease of picking up loot around it.
  • Loki will no longer drop loot after the first phase of his boss battle in Chapter 9, since it is impossible to collect.
  • Hydra Gunners and Foot Soldiers now properly count toward Legendary Mission objectives.
  • Set several destructible props to not be targetable; this was making areas like the Shooting Gallery Treasure Room in Chapter 6 unnecessarily confusing.
  • Removed the top center objective panel in favor of the mission tracker for displaying objective information for the following Chapter 9 missions: “Besieged Citizens”, “Mystic Circle”, “Outpost Defense”, “The Forgotten Pyre”, “Dropship Counter-Attack.”
  • Updated Deep Tunnels environment in Chapter 6.
  • Updated Waypoint Guide image for Trials.
  • The Level Range for the Super Heroic Trial now correctly says 11-60 instead of 52-60.
  • The Hell’s Kitchen South waypoint will no longer show up during the Times Square tutorial.
  • Removed a portal to Avengers Tower that would appear in Lower East Side during the Chapter 4 missions.
  • Removed “Asgardian Vendor” from appearing next to “Volund Yngvi” in Lower Asgard.
  • Ongoing efforts to ensure that Treasure Room caches are spawning consistently throughout the game.
  • Minor power tooltip typo fixes for Angela, Ant-Man, Blade, and Scarlet Witch.
  • The Marvel Heroes Omega in-game Store now gives better error messaging if an Inventory Slot Expansion or Omega Prestige can not be purchased
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