Marvel Heroes Omega’s Age of Apocalypse Events Brings Omega Difficulty

Marvel Heroes Omega

Gazillion has unleashed the Apocalypse in Marvel Heroes Omega today on PS4 and Xbox One in the form of the Age of Apocalypse event. This huge update includes Omega difficulty, finally, and Omega items.

Enlisted by Clan Akkaba to resurrect Apocalypse, Mister Sinister has cloned four powerful X-Men to serve as the deadliest Four Horsemen the world has ever faced: Jean Grey (Death), Storm (Pestilence), Psylocke (War) and Magik (Famine). This “Apocalypse Awakens” content will challenge even the most seasoned Marvel Heroes Omega players with heroes at level 11 or higher. Alone or in teams of as many as five heroes, players will confront En Sabah Nur’s forces in his Egyptian resurrection chamber. The new content will also feature all-new original Horsemen designs that unlock for Jean Grey, Storm, Psylocke and Magik.

This new event not only allows players to fight against Horsemen versions of Jean Grey, Storm, Psylocke and Magik, it also allows players to unlock these versions as part of the new Apocalypse Loot Box or as a part of the Age of Apocalypse Event Omega Pack, both only available for a limited time. These four heroes will join Spider-Man as Omega Prestige characters, increasing their combat potential. “Apocalypse Awakens” introduces Omega items that can be earned through the new Omega difficulty setting, which can be achieved by passing the Omega Trial.

“When Marvel came to us with an opportunity to bring a huge Apocalypse boss fight to consoles, we jumped at the chance,” says Gazillion Lead Game Designer Justin Bartlett. “As someone who became a Marvel fan thanks to the classic ‘Age of Apocalypse’ event, it means a lot to me personally. I also loved playing all the great games that had Apocalypse as a boss, and I can’t wait for Marvel Heroes Omega players to experience our unique take. We’re extremely excited to be able to create some brand new takes on Apocalypse’s Horsemen for our game—you can even play as them yourself as alternate costumes for Jean Grey, Storm, Psylocke and Magik.”

Bartlett also appreciates that Marvel Heroes Omega is the first console game to feature the entire Marvel Universe attempting to defeat Apocalypse. “It’s always great to pit someone like Cyclops or Wolverine against Apocalypse,” he says. “But at the same time, we really love that anyone from Captain America to Rocket Raccoon can challenge him.”

The patch is available now on both PS4 and Xbox One. As of the time of this posting, servers are still offline for maintenance.

Patriot’s Ponderings: I’ve let Marvel Heroes Omega fall to the wayside with the release of Destiny 2, but this event will have me coming back. About time some new content comes, and finally the Omega difficulty. The Age of Apocalypse Event Omega Pack mentioned in the press release costs $80, and this is what it includes:

  • Hero unlocks for Jean Grey, Magik, Psylocke, and Storm
  • Omega Prestige upgrades for all four heroes
  • Apocalypse Event Exclusive Enhanced costumes for all four heroes
  • 8,000 Gs to spend in the in-game store
  • 10 Combination Boosts
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