Destiny Weekly: Eververse Hate Is Getting Old

Destiny Weekly

Originally, Destiny Weekly was going to be the weekly equivalent of the Destiny Daily posts; just a post running down the new weekly reset activities in Destiny. But, having that stuff in the Tuesday editions of Destiny Daily just makes that more fun, so I’m going to use Destiny Weekly as a Wednesday (hopefully) posts to share my ideas about Destiny 2 and reacting to what the community is saying.

Right now, the community is up in arms over Eververse and I believe it has largely been blown out of proportion. Yes, it sucks that Eververse has been the only place you can get legendary and exotic ships, sparrows, and ghosts. That’s changing with the factions and Iron Banner getting these items once more. I think beyond that there should be planetary ones, strike ones, Crucible versions, and of course these items for raids and Trials.

I’m okay with Eververse having exclusive legendary and even exotic versions of these items though. That’s not a problem for me, especially once the alternative options for earning same quality items starting appearing for the various activities.

I don’t agree with the calls to remove the exotic ships out of Eververse and put them behind quests. You can do that, sure. It would make sense for the some of the ones added in Curse of Osiris. Saint 14’s ship and Ikora’s ship being two that I think would work best. But even with that, I’m okay with Eververse having exclusive ones too.

A ship is a loading screen, and one that you see less often than you did in Destiny. I personally could not possibly care less about ships in this game. They offer absolutely nothing. Most of the time, I’m in my menu and don’t even see the ship anyway.

Does my being fine with Eververse having them mean I don’t think there should be ways to get exclusive exotic ships from hardcore grinding the game? Of course not. I’d love to see cool exotic ships for each faction/vendor that you acquire from getting say 50 rank ups (or reward engrams as it is known in Destiny 2). That’s A LOT of tokens, and A LOT of grinding, and that dedication could definitely warrant a cool exotic ship. Maybe do an exotic class item at 20 ranks, and exotic sparrow at 25 ranks, and then an exotic ghost at a whopping 75 ranks. You want that exotic ghost guaranteed to give you the best possible perks for the EDZ? Get to grinding them EDZ Tokens.

I can already hear the cries of “that’s way too excessive.” No, that’s a grind. That’s something that takes time, something you can either grind and farm for as much as you like, or passively work towards as you just play the game over thousands of hours. There absolutely needs to be items in the game that requires a lot of dedication to get, so I don’t care if it is excessive. I’m not the type that thinks I need to have everything in the game anyway.

Of course I’d also up the amount of tokens players earn as well. It wouldn’t be quite as bad as it would seem right now as is. One or two tokens is never going to be a worthwhile reward for a public event, so that needs to be upped.

The exotic ghosts are really the only thing I’d take out of Eververse. Maybe just make it an exotic shell that you can apply to a legendary Ghost that you already have to change its appearance into something cool that’s purely cosmetic.

I spent $10 on silver a while back. It’s the only $10 I will ever spend in Eververse in Destiny 2 (I also bought $10 worth in Destiny 1). There’s nothing in Eververse that I find appealing. The armor we’ve seen thus far hasn’t really looked good. I think the current Vex themed armor looks good for a Titan only, and the Dawning for a Hunter only. As it is, I’m buying the Vex and Dawning armor for my Titan and Hunter respectively using Bright Dust. This is armor that looks good, and is usable for me because it is restorative/survivalist (the other Hunter armor we’ve seen has been trash mobile). I don’t care about sparrows, ships are pointless, and I don’t care about any of the emotes. Weapon ornaments are also meh. There are only two or three shaders from Eververse that I like, and outside of those three I’ve found the best shaders come from just playing the game and not from Bright Engrams.

Having said that, it would absolutely be for the best if they just opened it to allow players to purchase the exact item they want. The only reason I won’t spend any more money in Eververse is exactly because of the RNG nature of a lootbox. I’ve never cared for lootboxes, and never will. RNG is one thing, but when I’m spending real money then I want to be able to just buy the item that I may want. If not that, then the amount of Bright Dust you get for dismantling Eververse items needs to either be adjusted or the prices of the items currently need to come down some.

A Bright Engram cost $2 if buy it individually, or $8 for five of them in a bundle. Bungie upped the actual level of Guardians with a small DLC for the first time in the franchise’s history, and the those five levels have meant exactly nothing. So what was the point of going from level 20 to 25? All it did was allow the people who bought the $20 DLC to get Bright Engrams faster. Because going from level 20 to 21 and so on required much less XP than earning a Bright Engram while being max level does. While you had to play the game for it, within a matter of three hours after Curse of Osiris’s release a player could’ve beaten the campaign and gone up five levels and gotten five Bright Engrams. Keep in mind that some people assumed that you wouldn’t get a Bright Engram from leveling up until you hit max level again. So we got Bright Engrams quickly, and if you have three characters that would’ve been 15 Bright Engrams earned from playing the game in less than nine hours roughly. So you could easily look at it as Bungie giving DLC owners either $24 to $30 worth of Bright Engrams as a bonus with the $20 DLC purchase. Instead of getting the engrams all at once, you got them spread out over the course of your playing the DLC campaign and a little bit after. Of course there was no thank you Bungie for the quick bonus Bright Engrams.

Right now, and this will be covered in a future Destiny Weekly, there are a lot of problems with Destiny 2. Eververse isn’t the root of all the problems, and it isn’t even the main problem. Remove Eververse today and the game will still be in the same state it currently is, you’ll just be able to get a few cosmetic items easier. Yet all we hear about is “remove Eververse,” “Tess needs to die,” “Eververse is ruining Destiny,” and “Eververse makes me not even want to play.”

Let’s aim to get weapon perks that aren’t garbage back in the game. Or interesting combination of perks on guns to make really satisfying gameplay, like Outlaw and Firefly on a hand cannon. A weapon system that is fun and doesn’t include two primaries. Random rolls on weapons again, or a better mod usage that allows you to add perks you want to guns. Armor that matters and has perks that makes the game more fun. No more trickle and juggler as permanent modifiers. Modifiers that are actually fun. All things that would impact the actual game and make it more fun to play, and all of which has zero to do with Eververse.

Eververse isn’t ruining Destiny 2. The Destiny community itself is largely to blame for the state the game is currently in because of your excessive whining throughout the life of Destiny 1. Your complaints got every weapon type nerfed into the ground in D1. Your whining about being sniped or killed by a shotgun have them being complete nonfactors in Destiny 2. Your complaints of ability spam after you get the weapons nerfed have resulted in D2’s trickle everywhere philosophy.

Yes there are issues with Eververse, but I can’t take anyone seriously who acts as if Eververse is the main thing wrong with Destiny 2 or says that the game isn’t fun to play because of Eververse.


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