Crimson Days Hits Destiny 2 Tomorrow

Destiny 2

Tomorrow, February 13th, Destiny 2 will be taken offline beginning at 10am CT for maintenance and the deployment of Hot Fix The servers should be offline until roughly 2pm CT, although it could be earlier or even later.

Once the servers come back up, the Crimson Days event will be live and Hot Fix will be installed. This Hot Fix will stop the Lost Sector loot chest time out:

In the Hot Fix, we’ve fixed the underlying issue that caused the Lost Sector chest exploit. Players can now only open the boss chest once after killing a Lost Sector boss, as was originally intended. The chest may still respawn if you leave and return rapidly (due to a larger issue with our activity tech that would require significant changes to fix) but you won’t be able to open it again. You’ll get the ‘code required’ prompt unless the boss also respawns and you defeat them again. We’ve also completely removed the reward throttle from Lost Sectors as it is no longer necessary and we agree it was a poor player experience.

Destiny 2 Crimson Days Engram

Bungie also warned of some potential points of confusion for players during Crimson Days:

Immediately after maintenance completion, Crimson Days will become available to all Destiny 2 players. The following items are potential points of confusion that players may experience during this event, and we’d like to give a heads up.

Welcome to Crimson Days Waypoint: Under some circumstances, players may not receive a waypoint leading them to Tower vendors for the “Welcome to Crimson Days” Milestone. Players may still complete these steps by simply speaking with the Tower vendor listed in the milestone.

Crucible Tokens in Loot Stream: Upon completion of a Crimson Days Crucible match, post-game rewards may push Crucible Tokens out of view in the player’s loot stream. Players should always receive Crucible Tokens upon Crimson Days match completion and may find them in their Consumables inventory.

For complete details on the Crimson Days event, check out our post here.

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