Changes To Our Commenting System

October 6, 2014 // 1 Comment

We’ve allowed comments on older posts for quite some time, because some of our old posts are still quite popular and in some cases it can be helpful for new readers to be able to leave a comment/ask a question, like with our How to Be Game Reviewer article (which is really popular and gets a lot of hits everyday, because if you search Google for “how to be a game reviewer” it is the first article that comes up). Unfortunately, the spam filter here on is complete garbage for the past two weeks, and frankly I’m tired of it. Everyday it has been 30+ bogus [...]

Vortex Effect Returns to

April 24, 2014 // 2 Comments

Back in January, I announced that we would be moving away from and would be venturing off on our own to the world of self-hosting. In early February, we did just that as Vortex Effect moved to being hosted on DreamHost. At the time, it was a good move. We were established and had what had been a nice follower/subscriber base. The move to DreamHost allowed us the freedom to do the things I had wanted to do for years. Some of you may know that he have a message board. It’s always been separate from the main site here because this is The self hosted site [...]

Vortex Effect Is On Facebook, Go Give Us A “Like”

September 4, 2013 // 0 Comments

Hey you… the readers and followers of Vortex Effect. Did you know we have a Facebook page? If you didn’t, well now you do so show your support and do us a favor by heading on over there and “liking” the page. If you did know and haven’t already liked the page, what the hell is the matter with you? In the past, we have given away games to people who like us on Facebook, and that’s always something that could happen again. You wouldn’t want to needlessly miss an opportunity to possibly be selected to win some game would you? Especially when all it takes [...]

One Lovely Blog Award!

August 14, 2013 // 11 Comments

We recently had the honor of receiving this “One Lovely Blog” award from the wonderful blogger Sam Leung at Cheeese Toastie and Video Games where she blogs about video games of course. If you don’t already read and follow her blog then you definitely should. Sam is a talented writer and has some fun video content as well, and she’s recently been interning at GameSpot UK. Check her stuff out! Thank you for the award nomination Sam! There’s a couple of steps to accepting this award. The first step is to include this One Lovely Blog award image in the post, so here it is. Next is to [...]

No More Quick Daily Reviews

March 9, 2013 // 10 Comments

If you noticed that there was no Quick Daily Review yesterday, it’s because I’m retiring the daily series after 65 days of it. Attempting to stick to a deadline like this reminded me of why I quit writing wrestling columns for Lords of Pain (well one of the reasons): When the hobby becomes a chore and ceases to be fun, it’s time to stop it. And that’s what the daily reviews, no matter how brief, became. I’m not finished writing the quick reviews though; they just won’t be daily anymore. That way I can write one when I want to without feeling like I have [...]

Happy Holidays From Vortex Effect; Site Updates Resume January 1st

December 23, 2012 // 1 Comment

Hard to believe that Christmas is only two days away (a day away for those of us who do presents on Christmas Eve), and yet it is. This year has absolutely flown by. We’re taking the week + a couple of days off for Christmas. Site updates will resume January 1, 2013. 2012 was a pretty good year for the site and we’re going to end the year shy of 1,500 posts. 2013 will be a much better year for the site though. Yes, we have big plans in store for the site in the new year. We’ve primarily been a gaming site over the past year and a half, and games will remain our focus, but [...]

2013 Projects Announcement: Quick Daily Reviews & Classic Cinema Wednesday’s

December 18, 2012 // 5 Comments

One of the goals I have personally and for the site in 2013 is to provide more original content on a consistent basis. With that in mind, I’m challenging myself with two projects for 2013. The first project, and the one that will probably be the hardest to pull off, is the Quick Daily Review. Yes, I want to post a review day. Granted these are called “Quick” for a reason; I don’t intend for the QDR to be more than a few paragraphs long which is why I won’t be reviewing the latest video games in this format. It is a great format to review some older games and [...]

The Lonely Island “Turtleneck and Chain”

May 15, 2011 // 1 Comment

We’re Back! Mama I Just Had Sex (featuring Akon) Jack Sparrow (featuring Michael Bolton) Attracted to Us (featuring Beck) Rocky My Mic – interlude Turtleneck and Chain (featuring Snoop Dogg) Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie and Clyde (featuring Rihanna) Trouble on Dookie Island Falcor vs Atreyu – Classy Skit #1 Motherlover (featuring Justin Timberlake) The Creep (featuring Nicki Minaj & John Waters) Watch Me Do Me – Classy Skit # 2 Threw it on the Ground Japan After Party (featuring Santigold) No Homo No Homo [...]

Winds of Plague “Against the World” Review

April 20, 2011 // 0 Comments

Since they formed in 2002 California’s own Winds of Plague have been on a tear.  Putting together and releasing a demo entitled “A Cold Day in Hell” just three years into their existence and one year removed from graduating high school.  The demo not only garnered them the attention of metal fans but also music label Century Media who signed them in 2007. One year later they’d release their Century Media debut “Decimate the Weak” and now in 2011 have just released their third album for the label. In a genre where it’s hard to establish an identity [...]