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Review: Borderlands 2 (PS3/X360)

September 24, 2012 // 4 Comments

Good news minions, if you enjoyed Borderlands then you will absolutely love Borderlands 2. The sequel to the surprise (to me) hit doesn’t change with the formula that made the first so successful. It’s more of the same, and that’s not bad thing as Borderlands 2 is bigger and better than the original. It’s everything you’d hope a sequel to be. There is a ton to do in Borderlands 2; the main story is lengthy and it is supplemented by a lot of side quests that will keep you busy for some time. Yes, Borderlands 2 is so fantastic that it deserves two reviews. You may have recently read [...]

Review: Spec Ops: The Line (The Backlog #12)

July 8, 2012 // 5 Comments

  Hello all and welcome back, yet again, to another edition of The Backlog. Today we shall be venturing into the latest entry into the Spec Ops series, Spec Ops: The Line. Unlike the last time we got together to go over Inversion, I really enjoyed this game. Inversion had a cooler concept with their gravity control, as opposed to the occasional opportunity in Spec Ops to bury your enemies in sand, but Spec Ops felt much smoother while playing. The graphics also looked a bit more crisp for Spec Ops, but the smooth play and a better story puts is what places this game far ahead in my [...]