Neverwinter PS4

Review: Neverwinter (PS4)

Neverwinter (PS4 [Reviewed], Xbox One, PC) Developer(s): Cryptic Studios Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment Genre(s): MMORPG Released: July 19, 2016 (PS4), March 31, 2015 (Xbox One), June 20, 2013 (PC) ESRB Rating: T – Teen Neverwinter is a free-to-play MMORPG that released on PS4 over a month ago, but has been available on PC for three years and Xbox One for a…

100 Greatest WWE Matches

Book Review: The 100 Greatest WWE Matches

The partnership between WWE and DK Publishing has produced some of the highest quality WWE books ever, and that partnership’s latest release certainly lives up to the high standards that they’ve set. In WWE: The 100 Greatest Matches, best-selling author Dean Miller returns to write in-depth about 100 WWE matches. Each match takes up two…

RBI Baseball '16 Review

Review: R.B.I. Baseball ’16

R.B.I. Baseball ’16 (PS4 [Reviewed], Xbox One, PC, iOS, Android) Developer(s): Advanced Media Publisher: Advanced Media Genre(s): Sports, Baseball Released: March 29, 2016 (Digital), April 5, 2016 (Physical) ESRB Rating: E – Everyone It’s kinda hard to review R.B.I. Baseball ’16, the third entry in the series resurrected by MLB Advanced Media back in 2014. And…

Rainbow Moon

Review: Rainbow Moon (PS4)

Rainbow Moon (PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita) Developer: SideQuest Studios Publisher: EastAsiaSoft Genre(s): RPG, Strategy Released: February 17, 2016 (PS4), July 12, 2012 (PS3) ESRB Rating: E – Everyone SideQuest Studios’ wonderful RPG Rainbow Moon released on PS4 a couple of weeks ago. I originally reviewed this game back in 2012 when it released for…

Just Cause featured

The Backlog Volume # 29 – Just Cause

Just Cause (Playstation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360, PC) Publisher: Eidos Interactive Developer: Avalanche Studios Genre(s): Action-adventure Released: September 27, 2006 ESRB Rating: M – Mature   Hello everyone and welcome back to yet another way past due edition of The Backlog. As usual, the real world continues to get in the way of things I’d rather…

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Review: Rise of The Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider  (PC [Reviewed], Xbox One, Xbox 360) Developer: Crystal Dynamics, Nixxess (PC) Publisher: Square Enix Genre(s):  Action Adventure Release Date: January 28, 2016 (PC), November 10, 2015 (Xbox One, 360) ESRB Rating: M – Mature The Tomb Raider reboot of 2013 was my dark horse game of the year, as it…

Just Cause 3

Review: Just Cause 3

It’s all about getting lost and getting crazy in an open world sandbox and being encouraged and rewarded to do it as insanely as you possibly can. How can you not like that?

Fallout 4 Header

Review: Fallout 4

It’s been a long time in coming… too long… but at last a new Fallout game is upon us and it’s very good. The good news is: A review like this is a mere formality since many of us have already broken the 100 hour figure on this. What more need be said, right?

Assassin's Creed Syndicate

Review: Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

Back when it came out I and many other people considered Black Flag a watershed for the series and rightfully. Simply put: This is the next watershed and if they can continue to crank out games like this at this level of quality the I hope they making these games for as long as they sell because I’ll never get tired of something like this. I’ll welcome a game like this every year with wide open arms.

WWE 2K16

Review: WWE 2K16

My confidence is now restored in this series and I’m excited for the direction it’s headed in. In a number of ways these games are better than the real life product because we as fans can make the product the way we want it

FPS Freek Galaxy

Gaming Accessories: FPS Freek Galaxy Review

A few years ago I wrote a little piece about FPS Freek Havoc and Infinity thumbstick grips for PS3 and I really liked them. But, like the PS3 itself, they’ve been pushed aside (well actually one of the Havoc’s broke sometime early last year and that was my fault). Out of the box, the Dualshock…

Destiny The Taken King

Review: Destiny – The Taken King

A little over a year ago I posted my review of vanilla Destiny, which I gave a superb 4.5 star rating. That review encompassed the game from launch to three weeks after launch with a little over 85 hours invested in it and having done everything but the raid. Now here we are a month and a half removed from the release of Destiny’s first major expansion, The Taken King, and it is time to review it all over again.